Commitment in Team Sports

WOTS is a team management tool which helps to administer your team better, create tougher games and more exciting experience for players. It also eases life for team managers. For small teams - a little. For big teams - enormously!

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During the years of us enjoying a great team of Sporttiukot a system was developed to support our daily activities, make our icehockey games more tough and interesting. At some point weve just thought that other teams may enjoy it too. So, thats how it began.

Now the system is generalized and may be used by your team too. With your rules, logo and even colors. To get registered youd need an invitation, which might be obtained from any player using WOTS. Search the teams and ask around. If you are in Finland - you are lucky!

WOTS is run by enthusiasts with love to the sport. We promise nothing else but:

  • we try to keep the system up and running with our best effort.
  • we honor your privacy. No sales to third party. Not even ads on our pages.
  • we promise no spontaneous changes in terms of service. If we decide to change the rules - there will be a substantial amount of time to adapt.

To succeed with the above we put some limits:

  • Amount of files/pictures you may upload is 1GB. Everything above is priced for 0.2eur/month
  • Amount of emails you send in the team is 300/month. Messages over the limit would cost you 3eur/1000 messages
  • If you would like to have a top level domain, such as, it is possible too for a fee of 10eur/month.

We preserve right to change the prices. In the event of rising the prices we will inform 6 months in advance. In the event of lowering the prices we will inform along with the invoice.